Paphos Marina Seeking Presidential Intervention to Hasten Completion

The constantly delayed construction of the Paphos Marina has come to a boiling point and resulted in a request for the president of Cyprus to resolve the issue directly.

The Kissonerga Council, headed by George Stylianou, has called on the president to help make sure that the coastal construction project worth millions of Euro can progress as planned.

Mukhtar Stylianou spoke of how the constant delays are hampering executive’s ability to make critical decisions for projects throughout the coastal area taken up by the marina, including regarding the raising of breakwaters for the marina’s protection. 

However, the community aren’t the only ones upset over the way things are going. After having their bid declined during the first half of the year, the Poseidon Consortium recently filed a complaint against the administrative committee responsible for the management of marine property. The consortium’s bid has been sent to the Attorney General for legal deliberation.

According to Mr. Stylianou, Poseidon failed to provide necessary documents along with their bid, resulting in the project being awarded to Pafilia instead as the next runner up, and while Pafilia did provide sufficient supporting documentation, Poseidon’s legal challenge will need to be addressed by the courts before a final decision can be made, which delays progress considerably.

Mr. Stylianou’s stance on the matter is that the runner up should be awarded the project, especially given that the Attorney General has already issued a stance on the matter.

Yet Pafilia’s 175 million Euro offer has caused considerable delays due to Supreme Court appeals.

The project in question was initially published in 2007, with 2008 seeing it handed over to Cybarco-Pandora (of which t he Leptos Group is a part). Yet Pafilia and Poseidon, in a joint enterprise (with Aristo Developers holding a major stake), refused to accept the outcome throughout the process, putting forth accusations that Cybarco-Pandora was able to put in a particularly low offer by using insider knowledge. Litigation started in 2008, halting the entire project in its tracks.

As 2015 came to a close, Poseidon was awarded the project by a ruling from the Supreme Court. Poseidon was then tasked with proving that they had the resources necessary by showing proof of 60% from the full amount (125,000,000 Euro). Yet months passed, negotiations continued, and eventually Poseidon was seen as unable to fulfil their financial obligations, resulting in the project being given to Pafilia.

According to Mr. Stylianou, the community council has grown tired of the endless postponement, pointing out that neither the beach nor the breakwaters that are planned can be constructed until the marina is completed. The council leader also emphasized that political infighting is to blame for the issues at hand, while requesting for assistance from the president and candidates alike, as their opinions would carry weight with those bogging down the proceedings regarding the marina.

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