New High-Rise Developments in Paphos

Town Planning Committee of the Paphos Municipality has issued a permit for the construction of two 20-storeys high rise buildings in the neighbourhood close to the tourist area and Aloe Hotel on Poseidonos Avenue.

The vision is to build two high-rise blocks of lavish apartments, shops and houses. The main distinguished features of the development are a green space with a total area of 3,000 m2 and a public parking lot that can accommodate up to 150 cars.

Paphos Planning Committee has also allowed to begin building another three multi-story buildings. Two of the building will be built by a property development group Leptos. These buildings will be located in the hospital area and will have 8 and 10 storeys respectively. The third building in the Tomb of the Kings area with 12 floors will be built by another property development group.

However, a request submitted by Aristo developers for a 14-storey building at Evagoras Pallikarides Avenue downtown is temporarily suspended due to the concerns raised by some members of the committee. More time has been provided for the members, thus allowing them to reach a consensus regarding the application.

As per the information gathered at the date of publication, ten more requests for high-rise developments in the area have been presented to the committee and many more are expected to be submitted soon.

Last added
€ 180,000
9543 2 bedrooms
Larnaca / City center
€ 168,000
8980 2 bedrooms
Larnaca / Larnaca port