New Gas Infrastructure Planned for Limassol Port

With ExxonMobile and ENI starting up hydrocarbon exploration at the Exclusive Economic Zone in Cyprus within the upcoming eight months, Limassol Port is slated for new development work. One of the port’s operators, DP World, will be providing support for the energy corporations on land.

EDT Offshore Ltd has already setup a temporary drilling plant on site to support the exploration planned by TOTAL/ENI in the 11th block of the EEZ. The plant’s temporary nature means that it will be disassembled once the professed goals have been reached.

The passenger and commercial freight terminals at Limassol Port are already managed by DP World, and future offshore drilling operation support will be added to the company’s responsibilities as the need for infrastructure presents itself.

The plans so far include the construction of a logistics center and a drilling fluid plant on port territory, covering approximately 11,500 square meters in total.

These efforts will include the construction of offices, parking space, enclosed storage facilities for equipment and waste products, mixing tanks, liquid storage reservoirs, external storage for oversized equipment, and a network of pipelines for the loading and offloading between supply ships and silos.

Pending Environmental Study Results

The supply depot to be built on shore will proceed only after the necessary research regarding the project’s environmental impact is carried out and all relevant consequences are investigated. Specifically, the study will look into the chemical, physical, biological and socioeconomic impact of the construction plan for the area, among others.

The research will also help make sure that the project follows local law and regulations set forth by the EU and various international accords signed by Cyprus. The results of this study will also include suggestions for the use of alternative technological solutions that can help reduce negative impact upon the port’s natural environment.

On top of all this, the research in question will support environmental management processes and offer guidance aimed at eliminating or minimizing damage to nature caused by the construction and operation of the new site.

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