Limassol Del Mar Grand Opening Soon

In recent Cyprus news, the high-class coastal property development known as Limassol Del Mar is reporting great sales since the project’s initiation in 2016.

Both of the major buildings that comprise the Limassol-based luxury apartment complex have practically sold out, showcasing the popularity of real estate in this exotic locale with buyers from across the world.

Limassol Del Mar is being developed by Cypeir Properties Ltd., which is a joint enterprise formed by the D. Zavos Group and the Leptos Group, two of the most successful real estate development companies on the island.

Designed by world-renowned Benoy architects, working alongside the Cyprus-based UDSarchitects Studio, the new property boasts a subtle design inspired by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast upon which it’s positioned. Built with a focus on seamless transitions between the interior and the outside terraces, these luxury apartment buildings boast an abundance of clear glass elements that help preserve the beautiful view of the sea wherever residents and visitors may find themselves.

Positioned within a luxurious residential zone along the Limassol coast, Limassol Del Mar boasts an impressive 170 meters of length and a variety of contemporary amenities (including a lounge, concierge service, spa, gym, and swimming pools both external and internal) within its well-secured territory.

Of course, a location of this caliber wouldn’t be complete without offering residents and visitors alike something to do with their leisure time. To this end, Le Plaza Del Mar will offer shopping and recreation for all, with food and high-end boutiques aplenty.

It’s no exaggeration to state that due to Limassol Del Mar’s choice location along the Cyprus coast, the opportunity to purchase an apartment in this extravagant new development is the kind that won’t present itself again any time soon. As such, the developers have gone to great lengths to ensure post-sale care and management services for the property, so that buyers who don’t wish to move in immediately after purchase can be sure that their newly acquired property will be properly maintained, secured, and can be rented out with ease.

On a larger scale, the opening of Limassol Del Mar will no doubt support Cyprus’ already booming financial situation, both by attracting new investors and providing new jobs. At the same time, with the project taking up a whopping 34,000 sq.m, it will yield more than 80% of the space it takes up to public spaces (including parking lots and recreational areas), which will further boost Limassol’s overall appeal to the local public, tourists, and special guests alike.

The joint directors of the Limassol Del Mar project, Michalis Zavos and Michael Leptos, have publicly spoken of how the successful property sales within the new project already prove its immense appeal and how the lively and growing Limassol market as a whole has created high demand for luxury real estate in the area for buyers both local and from across the globe.

The Limassol Del Mar project is slated to open its final 27-story tower in the near future, thus completing its promise of delivering a wholesome high-end property with a stellar coastal view for any and all who manage to sink their teeth into this delicious offering before it’s too late.

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