Exciting New Real Estate Opportunities in Ayia Napa

Situated between the three major continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, Cyprus is a natural wonder with its eminently sunny weather and spectacular flora and fauna, while simultaneously acting as an example of the world’s highest standards of living thanks to its accepting culture and developed infrastructure.

Further reinforcing Cyprus’ tendency towards innovation, the Ayia Napa Marina is a new residential and social center located along the island’s eastern shores, boasting glorious scenery and serving as an attractive destination for yacht enthusiasts.

Located just half an hour away from the international airport in Larnaca and connected to major highway routes, the marina boasts accessibility, luxury, security, and scenery to impress everyone. Whether arriving by car or by boat, guests are welcomed to a modern yet ecologically conscious waterfront setting that offers shopping, dining, docking, and a top-notch level of service all around.

While offering a truly spectacular selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment spots, the Ayia Napa Marina remains first and foremost a luxury residential district that grants its inhabitants peace of mind thanks to a combination of modern management services and the awe-inspiring view of the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast.



Like a reference to legendary lighthouses of old, two towers rise high above the marina, visible for miles in all directions and acting as landmarks to attract visitors from all over. With curved shapes inspired by the female figure (as with vast amounts of art throughout the ages), the towers harken back to ancient times like modern versions of the historic statues excavated throughout the island. A touch of warmer tones added by the sunshades on the towers further adds a feel reminiscent of wooden ships that have sailed the nearby seas for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

Those looking for the ultimate luxury will be happy to know that the top floors of the towers face the sunrise and overlook the golden beaches that stretch out below. It goes practically without saying that residents have access to secure, private parking. Both towers also offer a vast selection of amenities upon a deck that overlooks the marina proper, including cabanas, bars, pools, gyms, spas, and more.

The western tower boasts a total of 100 apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, with a penthouse suite covering the top couple of floors, and is rooted in the truly residential part of the marine project for unparalleled relaxation and peace of mind.

The eastern tower, on the other hand, counts 90 apartments also ranging from one to four bedrooms and a penthouse covering the top two floors, but is situated among the marina’s commercial district, making it especially suited for guests with a focused interest in the marina’s lively entertainment options and active night scene.



Individuals looking to purchase property at the Ayia Napa Marina can feel confident in Cyprus’ complete compliance with European Union laws and regulatory statutes. The Cyprus tax code is also one of the most enticing in all of Europe, as the government of the island nation spares no efforts in attracting investment from foreign parties, which include a law that allows foreign nationals to pursue Cyprus citizenship through real estate investment.

To this end, the bureaucracy involved is simplified as much as it can be, and the investment amounts required can be as little as two and a half million Euro, with applicants receiving approval within as little as three months. Purchasers of residences at the Ayia Napa Marina in particular who qualify for the citizenship through real estate investment program gain the bonus benefit of being able to travel, live, and work in 28 nation members of the EU. The citizenship granted through the program also cascades to the owner’s family, including a spouse, any underage children, and even dependent children up to 28 years of age.

With multiple residences already locked for early buyers, the Ayia Napa Marina is already looking to be an exciting opportunity among the European real estate market, with projected demand being enormous. Individuals interested in securing a luxurious beachfront residence in Cyprus have no better time than the present to pursue their goals at the marina.

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