Property Transfer Fees

The law requires you to pay Property Transfer Fees when the property you’ve purchased is officially transferred to you. Once the fees are paid in full, a Title Deed for the property is issued to you, showing you as the legal, officially registered owner of the real estate in question. These fees are paid to your local District Land Office.

Property Transfer Fees are based on a sliding scale adopted by practically all parties involved in the sale of property. However, the exact fees you need to pay are calculated at the District Land Office based on the property’s market value for the date of its purchase, so it’s important to keep in mind that the market value might not be equal to the price you pay for the property. In this case, you’ll need to visit the Valuations Desk at your local land office to get your property’s market value assessed based on its type and location. The office will then use the appraisal to prepare an invoice that you will then use to pay your Property Transfer Fees.

You don’t need to walk into this whole process blindly thought. Property Transfer Fees can be approximated using the Transfer Fees Calculator on the Department of Lands and Surveys website:

Last added
€ 234,000
7921 2 bedrooms
Larnaca / Residential area
€ 370,000
9512 2 bedrooms
Larnaca / Dhekelia
€ 1,900
9497 3 bedrooms
Larnaca / City center